Childrens Sunday School


Our childrens Sunday School program is an exciting and interactive way for children to learn Biblical truths and values. These classes use both teaching, illustrations, activities and singing to help children internalize the Bible. All of our chlldrens Sunday school classes take place on Sundays at 9:30am. Our curriculum uses an age graded teaching system that ensures biblical lessons are apropriate for each age group.Parents can drop off their children in their respective classrooms and then join us for one of our adult small group Bible studies. Sunday School classes end at 10:15, in time for parents to pick up their kids before our 10:30am worship service.


Sunday School programs are offered for children in the following ages:


Age                                  Class

0-1 Years                             Supervised Nursery

2-3 Years                             Preschool Class

4-5 Years                             Pre-Primary Class

1st and 2nd Grade              Primary Class

3rd and 4th Grade               Middler Class

5th and 6th Grade               Junior Class

7th - 12th Grade Boys         Jr/Sr. High Class

7th - 12th Grade Girls          Jr./Sr. High Class