Adult Small Groups

Our adult small Bible study groups consist of several different groups to help you grow spiritually in the area you need most. Small groups meet a various times, however most of our groups meet on Sunday morning at 9:30am or on Friday night at 7:00pm during our Awana and Word of Life Youth programs. These groups fall into a few general catagories designed to help our adults grow in their relationship to the Lord, and in spiritual maturity.


  1. Godly Living – Groups that will cover what it means to be a Christian in a secular world, and how to live out your faith in the various aspects of your everyday life.
  2. Biblical Literacy and Insight –Courses that are designed to help you get to know your Bible better, and to strengthen your understanding of its message.
  3. Spiritual Leadership and Ministry Preparation –These courses will focus on spiritual leadership in the home, the church, and in ministry.


In addtion to offering small group studies in the above topics, some of our groups are tailored specifically for women, and some specifically for men. At various times we also offer groups specifically focusing on married couples and Biblical parenting.


Here is an example of a typical our typical small group study offering:


Godly Living:


Women’s Group: Learning from the Life of Elijah - Elijah made an extraordinary difference for God in his time, and yet, Elijah was just an ordinary man. He dealt with the same shortcomings and problems in his own life that many of us face today. Learn how Elijah faithfully and powerfully served the Lord despite the difficulties that could have held him back.


Men's Group: Disciplines of a Godly Man - Learn how to live an effective godly life through the biblical disciplines. Share with other men as you grow spiritually together towards what God has called you to be.


Biblical Literacy and Insight:


Lessons from Life and Experience of Job -Job, a man of godly character, faced severe financial loss, family loss, and personal suffering. Learn the biblical principles Job experienced in both the physical and spiritual side of his circumstance, and how they can help you understand and relate to God in your own life experience.


Spiritual Leadership and Ministry Preparation:


Multiply - Disciples Making Disciples - Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matthew 28:19) Jesus has called us to BE disciples and to MAKE disciples. This group will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective disciple maker for Christ.


Women's Group:Becoming a Titus 2 Woman - Titus 2 defines how women grow in godly character as they disciple other women in true Christian living. Grow together with other women as you learn these godly characteristics of Christian women, and how to train other woman to live that godly life.


For more information, please call 845-876-4300 to ask about these and other small group bible studies that are available to you!